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World Tip: Big Los Intro

World Tip year has been so great. World Tip created the music biz. World Tip produced the Last Drop. World Tip designed BEAUCOU luxury clothing. World Tip introduce the world to Big Los a new artist with style, charm, and power. This year was incredible. World Tip made deals with music distributing companies Tunecore, Amuse, Landr, United Masters, and Music Gateway. Those companies are original and authentic. They distribute music to major streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple, iTunes and social media networks including Facebook, Instagram, and Tic-Toc. Allowing new artists to make it happen for themselves. World Tip Music Biz made the band of music labels like Death Row, Aftermath, and Bad-Boy. As one of the most powerful music business in the world right now. World Tip Music Biz produced the Last Drop. The Last Drop was recorded in New York City and Rome, Italy. The executive producer of World Tip is Keyshia Cole a platinum recording artist, songwriter, actress, and executive producer of World Tip. The Last Drop is the number one album sold worldwide with fans and audiences in the billions. There has never been such a big album produced like the Last Drop. Sources say, the Last Drop is the best album ever to be recorded. Because it's the first album in the modern music era that has a billion streams. World Tip has special features like Luxury Bag that sales luxury designer clothing, custom made jewelry, and Hip-Hop beats. Luxury Bag sales merchandise such as Gucci, Prada, Versace, and other designer clothing including BEAUCOU. World Tip own label and brand. World Tip introduce the world to Big Los a new artist from New York City. Big Los and Keyshia Cole has collaborated to make the Last Drop the biggest album of the year. Big Los has all you want. Big Los records in New York City and Rome. Big Los goes live around the world. Big Los is posted with Ciao Bella, Keyshia Cole, and the World Tip Exec's. Making World Tip the most powerful business in the world! CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon enjoy!

Happy New Year's 👑🥳🙌

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