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World Tip: Ciao Bella Ice out

Ciao Bella has captured the audience attention with her new creation. Platinum V.S. is Ciao Bella way of saying thank you to the World Tip audience. Ciao Bella is Ice out this time. When she is in display around the world Ciao Bella will be in platinum. Ciao Bella created a application. This app is loaded with platinum features for the World Tip audience. Since platinum is the highest quality Ciao Bella wanted to share Platinum V.S. with the World and the audience. Sharing Platinum V.S. with the World Tip audience means so much to her. Platinum V.S. was made in Ciao Bella her own place in New York City. She develop the app as a symbol of her devotion to her fans around the world. Also to share something special with her fans. Platinum V.S. displays Ciao Bella Ice out. Platinum V.S. really shows how attractive World Tip is. Made in Ciao Bella is her label and brand. And Ciao Bella shares it all with the World Tip audience. Platinum V.S. has other services, features, themes also. Platinum V.S. made in Ciao Bella is her design for the World Tip audience. Come closer to World Tip to explore and experience Ciao Bella in a different state. CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon enjoy

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