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World Tip: Election Day

It all comes down to this. Years of planning. Months of campaigning. Days of debates. Minutes to preparation. Seconds to countdown. And now we are here the 2020 election of the President of the United States. Donald Trump vs Joe Biden. The people in the United States will cast their ballots and vote for the President of the United States. This is a great day in modern history. Because all will be witnessing as the events be recorded live and viewed around the world. After all of the battles and nominations we finally have an idea about who is our choice for President. The nation has arrived and they are united. And they are ready to elect the President of the United States. The country has been a little ill from a pandemic but America has proven that the country will always move on. So congratulations to both candidates Donald Trump and Joe Biden and their party Republicans and Democrats for their effort in this very important election. World Tip is in the house.

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