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World Tip: Happy New Year's from the best in the world.

World Tip celebrated New Year's Eve and Day with the World Tip audience. World Tip went live from New York City. Ciao Bella was on display in 142 cities around the world. World Tip stream Big Los on Spotify, Amazon, Apple, and Itunes. Keyshia Cole and the World Tip Exec's were shining. World Tip started the holiday with sharing our world with the World Tip audience. World Tip connected with Facebook, Instagram, Tic-Toc and other social media networks including threads and X. World Tip posted blogs, videos, and streams of their favorite artists and celebrities. World Tip live added to the day with special features and playlists like playbig and playnyc. The playlists were streamed on music streaming platforms around the world. Ciao Bella was live in 142 cities worldwide. World Tip gift was on top of the world in Times Square when the ball drop as she pressed the button to start the count down. Making this New Year's Eve celebration one of the biggest celebrations ever. This year New Year's ball was very special because Big Los was being streamed. Big Los is a new artist from New York City. And the world had the premiere of Big Los live. The World Tip audience was electric and the chandelier was glowing all night long. Keyshia Cole the executive producer of World Tip released new music that World Tip introduce the to. Her new song No Love Lost debuted on the charts and was one of the most streamed songs with over a million streams. The World Tip Exec's shared their world with posts, streams, and presents as we ball into the night. World Tip night cap was special as the sky was brite from different colors and fireworks. CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon enjoy!👑

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