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World Tip: How to Measure a Business

World Tip is the most fascinating business in the world. World Tip is a social media network. The first black social media network in the world. Carlos Echelon is the CEO of World Tip. World Tip is intrinsic, illuminating, and attractive. World Tip introduce the world to something new. Something that the world was anticipating but didn't quite know what it was. World Tip kinda caught the world by surprised. World Tip started to send posts and email campaign around the world. These posts were interesting and brilliant. The post made the audience excited because of the information that they shared with the World Tip audience and the world. World Tip join other social networks and became the first Black Social Media Network in the world. Members could chat, post, blog, and shop for the best products and merchandise in the world. The CEO of World Tip is Carlos Echelon. Carlos is business icon with major credentials, qualifications, and experience in business. Carlos graduated from the College of New Rochelle and Mercy College with bachelor and master degrees in public administration. Carlos also has a certificate in business administration. Carlos is the worlds leading CEO. Carlos measured other companies and businesses and search for what was missing. He successfully added to the world of business. Ciao Bella the director of World Tip, Keyshia Cole the executive producer of World Tip and the World Tip Exec's shot World Tip to the top of the world. World Tip wants to share our world. World will highlights what's important in the world and we look good doing so. CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon enjoy!👑

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World Tip has special features. One of them is World Tip Music Biz. World Tip Music Biz is located in New York City. World Tip Music Biz has four cool studios in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Rome.

World Tip celebrated Thanksgiving with the World Tip audience in New York City. World Tip went live. World Tip shared our world. World Tip fans, members, guests, and contacts were the best. World was

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