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World Tip: Keyshia Cole's Heart Class

World Tip has developed another program for the World Tip audience. Keyshia Cole's Heart Class is one of her favorite programs. The Heart Class keeps World Tip active. The Heart Class shows love to those that support Keyshia Cole. The Heart Class is deep, personal, and fulfilling. Keyshia started the Heart Class in Rome, Italy. A city that is known to be romantic and powerful. Since the days of Caesar and Cleopatra the world has never had a beautiful story of love and power. Keyshia speaks from the heart as she invites and host her love one inside of World Tip. The Heart Class was created to share her world and signature her heart. Keyshia Heart Class is special. She loves her guests and connects with them through the Heart Class. Keyshia is the executive producer of World Tip. She has several parts that she controls inside of World Tip. But Her Heart Class is not to be played with. Keyshia Cole Heart Class keeps World Tip intrinsic personality beating. We stay above the competition and we meet the challenges. Keyshia Cole Heart Class is profound. She shows compassion to those who has a similar life like hers. The Heart Class brings you closer to World Tip. Keyshia Cole Heart Class has a purpose. Keyshia wants to wants to listen to your heart.❤️ CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon

Executive Producer Keyshia Cole enjoy!

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