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World Tip: Lebron King

Lebron James became the NBA all-time leading scorer. Lebron broke Kareem Abdul Jabbar record that had been elusive to other NBA stars. Lebron hit the shot against the Oklahoma Thunder. Lebron now sits at the top of the NBA. Lebron is the king, champion, and the greatest player in the world. Lebron entered the NBA with highlights. Lebron a high prospect began his career in Cleveland. Lebron quickly became an all-star in a talented league. He lead his team in scoring and average 30 points a game. Lebron switch teams and went to Miami and join the heat and won his first NBA title against the Oklahoma Thunder. Lebron went back to Cleveland and won his second championship but their was more to come from the king. Lebron reach 30, 000 points and the league started to wonder could this be possible that Lebron could break Kareem Abdul Jabbar record that had been standing for forty years. All others have fell short of such glory but Lebron is made of something much more. Lebron join the Los Angeles Lakers in 2018 and lead them to the NBA finals and won the championship. Lebron has four NBA titles and 10 conference championships making a claim that he is the best in the world. The only thing left to make that a fact is he alone is the all-time leading scorer of the NBA and breaks Kareem Abdul Jabbar record another great and terrific player. Lebron broke the record against the Oklahoma Thunder the same team he won his first NBA title against. Lebron distinctive move a fade away shot broke one of the greatest records of all-time. The crowd unbelievable went insane. The whole world witness how great Lebron was. King James is now the goat officially. Lebron a four time champion stayed focus no matter what. Lebron is now the greatest player that has ever played. CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon enjoy!👑

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