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World Tip: Live Event

World Tip is having a party in New York City. The party will be live and features your favorite artist. The World Tip Exec's will be hosting the party until the ball drops for the New Year. Their will be plenty of action for the World Tip audience. World Tip is celebrating with the rest of the world as Christmas and New Years approaches. The World Tip live event will be broadcast in every country around the world. With Ciao Bella directing the pictures and Keyshia Cole producing the sounds the World Tip audience is going to enjoy and the world too. A special guest will be in the building to make this Christmas a very special holiday. Maria will join World Tip this Christmas and New Years. Maria will introduce you to something brand new. So join World Tip for a special live event this Christmas and New Years enjoy.

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Carlos Echelon
Carlos Echelon
Dec 04, 2020

World Tip Exec's

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