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World Tip: Music Biz Why I'm King

World Tip music business releases Hi Roller to the music industry. World Tip music business produce Hi Roller in New York City inside of World Tip studios. World Tip music business distributed Hi Roller to streaming companies around the world. World Tip Music Biz has a label, style, and special features. World Tip Music Biz is powerful. Hi Roller went live around the world. Hi Roller is the first song on the Last Drop album to be released to the world from the Last Drop. Hi Roller was produce by Keyshia Cole one of the greatest producers in the world. World Tip Music Biz also produce Source and Why I'm King in Rome, Italy. Hi Roller was produce in New York City. World Tip has studios in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. World Tip shares our uniqueness with our artists and fans. World Tip studios are equip with the best equipment in the world. World Tip state of the art studios gives our artists access to the studios to make the best quality of music in the world. Hi Roller was distributed to all streaming companies and services around the globe. Why I'm King and the Source was produced in Rome, Italy. Both Songs are on the Last Drop album the biggest album in the world. Why I'm King is exclusive and one of the hottest songs on the album. The Last Drop album is classic and one of the best albums you will ever hear. Hi Roller, The Source, and Why I'm King all were produce by Keyshia Cole and the World Tip Music Biz label. World Tip Music Biz offers distribution, mastering, and excitement. The World Tip Exec's can give you access to the Music Biz label. Ciao Bella the World Tip director posts videos, clips, and something very special about the World Tip. CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon enjoy!👑

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