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World Tip: Setlist

World Tip creates a exciting opportunity for our fans around the world. World Tip provides a Setlist for our fans and audience members that are connected to World Tip. World Tip special girl Keyshia Cole will be in concert this month as she shares her world with millions of her fans across the globe. Keyshia will begin a world tour that will start in Connecticut. World Tip will introduce, display, and share our world. Keyshia is very talented. Keyshia will perform her greatest hits in Connecticut this month. Some of her fans favorite songs include Enough Of No Love, Heaven Sent, and I Thought You Should Know. Her fans are going to be surprised because this Keyshia is the richest woman in the world. The songs that Keyshia has chosen to perform in Connecticut will be selected from her greatest hits list and her setlist. Keyshia stage presence will be powerful. World Tip will highlight the action around the world. The title of Keyshia Cole upcoming World tour is the Last Drop. Keyshia is the executive producer of World Tip and has produce two demo from the biggest album of the year. The World Tip Exec's will go live in different places and be available for updates, events, and information about Keyshia World Tour. Ciao Bella the World Tip director will introduce the tour in a 142 cities and networks around the world. Keyshia Cole is great. She is one of the best producers, artists, singers and performers that the will ever see. All of her fans she loves them. Keyshia has millions of fans all over the world. We all are coming to the Last Drop World Tour. CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon enjoy!👑

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