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World Tip: taste of success

World Tip went live in New York City. Going live in Manhattan really felt great. World Tip is a social media network that began at the College of New Rochelle. A network that shares posts, blogs, and updates about what's trending around the world. Share your world with World Tip. Inside of World Tip there is great talent. Ciao Bella is the director of World Tip. Ciao Bella is very powerful and attractive. Ciao Bella directs World Tip from New York City. Thus the action starts. World Tip introduce the world to Ms. Cole the richest woman in the world. Ms. Cole went live in Manhattan and shared her world and her vision about business. World Tip was created at the College of New Rochelle in Brooklyn. World Tip is intrinsic, illuminating, and attractive. CEO of World Tip enjoy!👑

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