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World Tip: The King is Back!

The Los Angeles Lakers are once again world champions. The Lakers beat the Miami Heat to become 17x world champions. The Lakers were lead by the king Lebron James who had a triple double to defeat the Heat 109-96. Lebron now has 4 rings and has become the greatest player to ever play the game. These NBA Finals were special. They were played under extreme conditions. The players were in a bubble, no crowds, no fans, no advantage, a pandemic and once inside of the bubble you could not leave. The players had to stay focus and still play the game. And Lebron and the Lakers did just that. The Lakers shine, Lebron was brilliant and Los Angeles Lakers are world champions. Last year was a disappointment because the Lakers did not reach the playoffs. Lebron got injured, problems with Anthony Davis and the Lakers stars look dim. The beginning of the season went well. But then the pandemic which cause a 6 month suspension of the season. The league resume play in July and the "King is Back". The Los Angeles Lakers were in the playoffs. The games began and now the king can be crown. Lebron James and the Los Angeles Lakers 2019/2020 World Champions!

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