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World Tip: Tipping around the block

World Tip is a multi dimensional business. Created for a particular audience. At World Tip we go extra for our audience. World Tip has to get it by any means. Inside of World Tip we have a lot going on. World Tip covers several topics or events that our audience are interested in. World Tip has a variety of information that we post to our audience, fans, guest, members, and customers. The information is what we share with the audience of World Tip and the world! World Tip is posted and tipping on the block. World Tip has to keep the community updated about the action on the blocks. Some of the info collected on the blocks is recorded and publish to go live through social media or the World Tip website. The World Tip website has the features that add to the experience you have with World Tip. Some of features include World Tip Live. Videos thats recorded at the World Tip studios in New York City or on location with the World Tip Exec's. World Tip Music Biz is another feature and produce by Keyshia Cole. And the World Tip Gallery that showcase fancy and luxury designer clothing from Ciao Bella storehouses in Ciao Bella a merchant paradise. Fashions and Designs of World Tip keeps World Tip looking good and manage by Paris Hilton a World Tip Exec. So stay close to World Tip for more. World Tip is tipping on the block! CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon enjoy!

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