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World Tip: We Had a Ball

World Tip went live in New York City. As millions watch the ball drop in Times Square. World Tip celebrated a New Year with the rest of the world. There were live performances by the World Tip Exec's. Ciao Bella was in full display around the world and Keyshia Cole was incredible. World Tip introduce the fans of World Tip to their favorite artists which started the excitement. Soon after their were sparks and fireworks as the cities around the world celebrated their New Year. Here in New York City their were parties all night. World Tip film some of events from the night. World Tip presented the world with the best performances that they had ever seen. As the world watch the ball drop in New York World Tip watch World Tip blow up. World Tip shining around the world on all platforms and displays. World Tip doing it big the theme from Keyshia Cole. Minutes before the ball drop Beyonce went live with a special performance. What a night to remember. So Happy New Year's from the most powerful business in the world! World Tip 2021 enjoy.

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