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World Tip: World Tip celebrates the holidays in fashion

World Tip celebrated the holidays in New York City. World Tip shared our special day with family, friends, the audience, and the world. World Tip was dress to impress. World Tip made a fashion statement that will last forever. World Tip showed much love for Christmas by wishing, sharing, and introducing the world to World Tip fashion. Our holiday began with music and action from your favorite celebrities and stars. Ciao Bella started our Christmas special with displays from around the world. New York City supported World Tip by adding special features to the displays. World Tip created a social post and invited new members to join us for the holidays. The social post was shared with our partners Facebook and instagram. Our partners assisted World Tip in connecting with millions of our fans around the world. Social media played a important role sharing stories and photos with the World Tip audience. The World Tip Exec's went live and shared their location with the world. They added Dior to Luxury Bag. Dior was a gift to Luxury Bag from Monique a World Tip Exec and CEO of Directors at World Tip. Keyshia Cole the Executive producer of World Tip posted updates and appeared in the studios of World Tip. Her DM's connected with the World Tip audience. To celebrate Christmas with World Tip was very special. Stay connected by visiting the website at for more from the most powerful business in the world! CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon enjoy! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year's.👑🆚️

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