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World Tip: World Tip special live event trending worldwide

World Tip is having a special live event on 2-19-21 to celebrate my birthday. The live event will be recorded in New York City at World Tip studios. All guest will be presented to the showroom. The live event will be stream on the World Tip website. There will be special appearances from some of the top artists in Hip-Hop and R&B. World Tip wants you to join us for the biggest party in the world. World Tip wants to share the excitement with the World Tip audience. This will be the biggest celebration of the year and World Tip wants to invite the World Tip audience to the party. The special live event is now trending in New York City and all over world. There have been clips, miniture movies, videos, and a powerful soundtrack that drop thats the bomb. The soundtrack produce by Keyshia Cole on the World Tip Music Biz label. Ciao Bella is Directing all the fun and excitement so you know that the party will be filled with drama. The World Tip Exec's will be on the scene somewhere to bring the World Tip audience up close to the action. So stay close to World Tip to see whats trending or streaming from your favorite business World Tip. CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon enjoy!

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