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World Tip: World Tip V.S. discovery of the century

World Tip is so excited at the current moment. We are thrilled. World Tip wants to introduce the world to World Tip V.S. the app of the future. World Tip V.S. was created inside of the laboratories in New York City. The app is filled with amazing features to share with someone special. World Tip V.S. (Very Special) was created with the World Tip audience in mind. Because our audience means the world to us. World Tip decided to show our audience, fans, and guest how much we love and appreciate their support with our signature label World Tip V.S.. The app was engineered by the World Tip Exec's. The app has a list of extra features for that ultimate experience with someone special. Remote views, threads, and themes are some of the luxury features that World Tip V.S. has to share. So stay close to World Tip for more about World Tip V.S. enjoy! CEO of World Tip Carlos Echelon🆚️

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